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Technical progress is not all about benefits.
It is also the bearer of nuisances, fears and controversies.
Among the most frequently mentioned are the harmful effects on health of the propagation of electromagnetic waves generated by the extension of internet and telephone networks.
Thus, a growing number of so-called "electro-sensitive" people are witnessing annoying side effects in their daily life without it being yet possible to demonstrate and measure the harmful consequences in the medium and long term on human health.
It therefore appeared necessary to carry out research on gentle and beneficial solutions to mitigate all these nuisances already suffered or with a view to prevention, in particular concerning children who are increasingly exposed to this risk.
This is how the idea of associating artistic expression and the benefits of certain stones and minerals against the pollution of electromagnetic waves gave birth to the Litotera project.
Litotera project: an original and recreational approach to well-being: synergy between art, decoration & lithotherapy

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this is a clever and innovative project that brings together art and lithotherapy, particularly for the physical and moral well-being of the person, vital energy and the fight against the dangers and nuisances of electromagnetic waves.

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What's Lithotherapy
Lithotherapy is a practice that would be able to treat various disorders thanks to stones. Which stones for which ailments? Are they really effective on sleep, headaches or stress?

Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic fields can have consequences for the health of exposed persons.
Their effects on the body can be direct: heating of biological tissues, stimulation of the nervous system, visual and concentration disorders, sleep troubles, headaches or skin inflammation.

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Tourmaline Stone
Not only is tourmaline a protective and efficient stone against the negative effects of electromagnetic waves thanks to its absorbing power, but it would release negative ions which reduce tension and stress, thus considerably increasing vitality and energy.
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Shungite Stone
Well known for its ability to protect against electromagnetic waves, this mineral seems to offer many other benefits to the body and mind. Offered in many forms and suitable for people suffering from electro hypersensitivity, shungite stone has many advantages to become essential in our daily lives.

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What stones to protect the body from electromagnetic waves?
Some stones naturally emit a resonance or vibration at different frequencies. These vibrations can heal or improve physical or mental health when they come into contact with the person.
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Lakhovsky MWO Antennas
Called MWO for Multi Wave Oscillator, they were designed by Georges Lakhovsky in the early 30s of the 20th century. Lakhovsky discovered that every living cell has its own resonant frequency at which it oscillates. When the cell is damaged, it loses its strength and the oscillations become weaker or distorted. In order to restore the cells to a healthy state, Mr. Lakhovsky with the help of Nikola Tesla thus developed the MWO disc-antennae. These MWO antennas increase the flow of vital energy (also called chi and bioenergy) in our body.
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The multiple benefits of art on health and well-being
Medical treatments are not the only ones to have effects on physical and mental health. We can also attribute multiple benefits to art: "it connects the individual to himself, to others, to heritage, to the world and to the living". Based on the analysis of 900 publications including 200 reviews covering more of 3000 studies, the WHO concludes that art gives an additional key to improving physical and mental health.
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Discovering the benefits of stones and crystals
For thousands of years, the importance of stones and minerals has been known to kings and queens and many other civilizations around the world.
These minerals were used as lucky charms in ancient Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek organizations.

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The LITOTERA Project:
We talk about it in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and even Lebanon...
For an innovative artistic lithotherapy of well-being against electromagnetic waves

Handcrafted in France

Art and minerals together versus electromagnetic waves

Litotera presents a unique and exclusive range of decorative objects for the main use of personal well-being and defense against electromagnetic waves in the domestic world.

These original and handcrafted creations are distributed under our own brand

Thanks to a selection of natural stones and their carefully studied association with certain complementary components, they
optimize the benefits of lithotherapy and combine a contribution of well-being with an artistic and even playful aspect for some of them.

Resin Absondite Orgonite Cricket

Resin Absondite Orgonite Ant
What are the absondites Litotera ?

The absondite is an artistic decorative object inspired by orgonite, most often circular, with a therapeutic objective of well-targeted personal well-being and identified as increasingly useful and necessary:
the fight against electromagnetic waves and radiations.

What is their composition?

The absondite is most often composed of main anti-electromagnetic wave natural stones (Tourmaline and/or Shungite), secondary mineral stones (Red Jasper, Amazonite, Calcite, Obsidian, Carnelian, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli…) quartz and / or rock crystal as well as conductive metal wire (copper or brass).
It is owing to this alloy, sometimes reinforced by a small Lakhovsky protective disc-antenna, 25 mm in diameter, that the desired effect of well-being can be achieved in your living space and the body's feelings, in particular in terms of sleep. .
The stones and other components of Litotera objects are either glued onto a plexiglass disc or cast in resin in a circular or pyramidal shape similar to the orgonite manufacturing technique.

What are their functions?

The main function of absondite is to mitigate the harmful effects of magnetic fields caused by frequent or continuous use of WIFI, 5G, Smartphones, Linky meters, microwave ovens and all the various connected devices.
It is thanks to the studied combination of the elements composing the absondites that the sought-after protection takes place by neutralizing and/or absorbing part of the electromagnetic pollution as well as an overall calming effect of the space.
An absondite with a radius of 15 cms will be ideally placed near a box and will act on a surface between 10 and 15 m2.

Absondite Plexi Disk Multi-stones

Absondite Plexi Disk Multi-stones
Choosing a "Litotera" absondite or orgonite
is the target of a necessary awakening to personal well-being and an awareness of the new nuisances caused by technological modernity.

Beyond the attenuation of the nuisances of electromagnetic waves, the creations of our workshop generally aim to improve the physical and moral well-being of the person as well as his energy.

Each model presented is unique but can be reproduced close to identical because the manufacture of Absondites or Orgonites Litotera is artisanal!

Our suppliers of stones and minerals are professional importers recognized in France as of first rank, thus guaranteeing the quality, origin and authenticity of these stones and minerals.

Resin Absondite Orgonite Chip

Orgonite Pyramid Multi-stones 11x10 cm

Litotera decorative items:

These artisanal creations are based on a desire to optimize the positive effects of lithotherapy through a search for the best possible combinations of stones and an association of minerals with complementary and innovative components such as Lakhovsky's MWO antennas or discs.

Why did we create the word Absondite?

Lithotherapy enthusiasts almost all know Orgonites which designate these objects most often in the form of pyramids molded in resin in which various assemblies of stones are inserted.
Regarding the main action against electromagnetic waves, we wanted to highlight the ABSorption function of these by the stones making up our objects.
As the term suggests, the absondite is an absorber of electromagnetic waves and other kinds of bad waves.
As these are designed either in resin as for the traditional orgonites or in black or transparent plexiglass disc when the stones are fixed by gluing, it therefore seemed judicious to us to create this term ABSondite bringing together the essential function of absorption, the target which are the waves and the assimilable object which is the orgonite.

Optimized combinations of anti-electromagnetic
waves stones and elements

Resin Pyramid Orgonite basement 13 cm x height 14 cm

Benefits and power of orgonites or absondites in lithotherapy
Lithotherapy is a therapeutic discipline based on stones and their beneficial properties for humans. Lithotherapy allows us to use the strength of stones to help us improve our health, our mental and spiritual balance. One of the forms of this therapy is orgonite, an object composed of several stones but also of material of organic origin. Orgonite artifacts are creations that provide various benefits, such as relieving stress and sleep disorders, or harmonizing emotions.
Orgonite is a unique combination of several precious and semi-precious stones, combined with organic materials such as resin, metal and quartz. The stones are selected according to the specific characteristics they represent as well as the effects they can produce such as the fight against the nuisance of electromagnetic waves.
The stones are then cast in resin, which makes it possible to form a unique and durable object. The orgonite artifact is designed to harmonize and purify the environment.

The advantages of orgonite and absondite
Orgonite artifacts were developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his research has shown that they can produce positive vibes that help restore balance and harmony in the environment. They are considered to have healing and protective properties and they are often used to purify the air, aid sleep and reduce stress. The main advantages of orgonite are :

Stress and Tension Relief: Orgonite has soothing and calming properties that can help reduce stress and tension. It can help calm the nervous system and promote feelings of relaxation.
Better Sleep: Orgonites can help regulate the sleep/wake cycle and improve the quality of your sleep. Many people report being less tired after sleeping with orgonite artifacts.
Feel better about yourself: Orgonites are known to help restore emotional balance and promote an overall sense of well-being. They can also help reduce anxiety and restlessness

Depending on the combinations of stones and elements chosen to optimize the composition of an orgonite, it may more specifically aim to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves, but at the same time to contribute to the strengthening of the immune system, of which it has been a lot of question during the health crisis or even to assist the body in its growing need for detoxification such as that of heavy metals.
We remind anyway that lithotherapy must be more connected with a prevention or relief approach than with a therapeutic method of healing.

How to use orgonite or absondite?
There are many ways to use orgonite and its benefits can vary depending on where you place it. You can place it in an office, a room or near your bed to take advantage of its beneficial properties. You can also, when its small size allows it, carry it on you to obtain a relaxing and positive effect.
The location chosen for the absondite will be the one that best combines the therapeutic interest and the aesthetic function of interior decoration.

As part of the Litotera project, orgonites have been baptized Absondites (Absorption of Waves) to evoke their major effect against the nuisance of bad waves and in particular those of electromagnetic waves which cause many people sleep disorders, concentration , an increase in stress and tension, or even sometimes, for hyper sensitive electro physical problems such as allergies or skin manifestations in the skin.

LITOTERA absondites and orgonites provide a multitude of benefits, including improved general well-being, better concentration and effective reduction of the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.
In addition, they help to balance and harmonize your nearby environment. > See all our objects...

+33(0)756 867 868

Manufacture and supply of Orgonites and
Custom Absondites
Are you targeting a specific therapeutic effect such as electrosensitivity, detoxification, helping to strengthen the immune system or any other problem?
Do you have preferences in terms of stones and their color in relation to their aesthetic appearance?

Do not hesitate to contact LITOTERA by email or by phone
We can meet your custom request! Art and interior decoration, Design Objects for well-being and against the effects of electromagnetic waves

The Union of Art and Stones at the service of your well-being, a real innovation in Lithotherapy
Litotera presents an exclusive range of decorative objects for the main use of well-being and defense against electromagnetic waves in the domestic world.
These unique and exclusive handcrafted creations are distributed under our own brand LITOTERA.
They combine a contribution of well-being with an artistic and even playful aspect for some of them.

LITOTERA creations are for exclusive online sale on ESTETIC-Online

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